• Fixes and improvements

    • Following the 0.28.1 OWSLib security release, disable XML entity resolution when using lxml’s XMLParser.


  • Fixes and improvements

    • When data received from DOV fails to be parsed by pydov, set it to NaN and issue a warning instead of crashing.


  • Fixes and improvements

    • AquiferEnumType has been replaced with AquiferHCOVv1EnumType in both Grondwaterfilter and HydrogeologischeStratigrafie.


  • News

    • This version adds support for Python 3.10.

    • This version drops support for Python 3.6.

    • This version is supported on Python 3.7, 3.8, 3.9 and 3.10.

  • New features

    • Add new object types for soil data, including:

      • Soil depth intervals (bodemdiepteintervallen)

      • Soil classifications (bodemclassificaties)

    • Added Fractiemeting as a subtype to the Bodemobservatie type.

    • Renamed glauconiet to glauconiet_totaal in Grondmonster and added example on how to retrieve detailed glauconite values.

    • Added support for proxy server autodiscovery using PAC.


  • News

    • This version adds support for Python 3.9.

    • This version is supported on Python 3.6, 3.7, 3.8 and 3.9.

    • We are proud to be a part of the growing pyOpenSci community promoting open and reproducible research.

  • New features

    • Add support for location-based searching using vectorfiles (f.ex. Shapefile, Geopackage) and Geopandas dataframes.

    • Add new object type for groundwater permits (GrondwaterVergunning)

    • Add new object types for soil data, including:

      • Soil sites (Bodemsite)

      • Soil plots (Bodemlocatie)

      • Soil samples (Bodemmonster)

      • Soil observations (Bodemobservatie)

  • Fixes and improvements

    • Fix bugs that occur when the XML webservice is unavailable, i.e. prevent caching errors and return stale data if available.

    • Retry failed network requests to make pydov more resilient to bad network connections.

    • Switched from the main DOV WFS endpoint to workspace-level endpoints, this is more efficient and allows a cleaner codebase.

    • Add the start_interpretatie_mtaw field to the interpretatie types.

    • Add the mv_mtaw field to the Sondering type.


  • Fixes and improvements

    • Fix the ‘z’ field of the Sondering type, it is replaced by ‘lengte’ and ‘diepte’ following the DOV XSD schema update.


  • News

    • This version drops support for Python 2.7 and Python 3.5.

    • This version is supported on Python 3.6, 3.7 and 3.8.

  • Fixes and improvements

    • Fix the korrelvolumemassa, volumemassa and watergehalte fields of Grondmonster type.

    • Add the ‘mv_mtaw’ field to the GrondwaterFilter type.

    • Extend the hooks system and distinguish between read and inject hooks. The ‘xml_requested’ hook has been removed in favor of ‘xml_received’.

    • Generate stable WFS GetFeature requests, allowing f.ex. hooks to reuse cached responses.

  • Development-only updates

    • Remove some code duplication between pydov and OWSLib.

    • Simplify test fixtures setup.

    • Remove duplicate docstrings to simplify the codebase.

  • Documentation-only updates

    • Add introductory tutorial.

    • Add a tutorial on how to use a WFS geometry as location query.

    • Update development installation instructions.

    • Update folium examples to support the latest pyproj version.

    • Add extra Binder links on top of each tutorial.

    • Improve charts by including a title and axis labels.

    • Improve README by adding dataframe output.


  • News

    • This version is promoted to Stable.

    • This version is the last to support Python 2.7.

  • Fixes and improvements

    • Fix the PropertyInList and Join query operators.

    • Increase the default request timeout to 5 minutes to enable larger WFS queries.

    • Retype the meetnet_code field of GrondwaterFilter from integer to string.

    • Pin the dependencies to keep explicit Python2 support.

  • Development-only updates

    • Make the DOV base URL configurable to be able to test against the DOV testing environment.


  • News

    • This version is promoted to Beta.

    • This version adds support for Python3.7 (next to 2.7, 3.5 and 3.6)

  • New features

    • Add new object type for Borehole samples (grondmonsters)

    • Add new object type for Groundwater samples (grondwatermonsters)

    • Add new object type for Informal hydrogeological stratigraphy (informele hydrogeologische stratigrafie)

    • Add support for runtime object type customization (pluggable types) allowing full control of the output dataframes

    • Add support for limit (max_features) when searching: this allows to explore the results of a query easily

    • Add support for sorting when searching, allowing to retrieve f.ex. the deepest borehole etc.

  • Fixes and improvements

    • Fix ‘mv_mtaw’ field of GrondwaterFilter, it is renamed to ‘start_grondwaterlocatie_mtaw’

    • Output dataframe columns are now in the order provided in return_fields, if available.

    • The PropertyInList and Join query operators now work with single-item lists and dataframes too.

  • Documentation-only updates

    • Fix DOI badge and Zenodo link: always link to the latest release


  • Fixes and improvements

    • Fix download of Feature Catalogues from the new DOV Geonetwork 3.6 instance.


  • New features

    • Add new object type for Quaternary stratigraphy (Quartair stratigrafie)

    • Add support for using Join using a different column name: Join(df, on=’…’, using=’…’)

    • Add ‘filterstatus’ and ‘filtertoestand’ to Peilmeting subtype of GrondwaterFilter

  • Fixes and improvements

    • Fix search for GrondwaterFilters (update for WFS service changes regarding filternr)

    • Fix ‘Methode’ field of Peilmeting subtype of GrondwaterFilter

    • Exclude empty filters (i.e. Put without Filter) from GrondwaterFilterSearch

    • Improve performance by using parallel processing and connection pooling

  • Documentation-only updates

    • Update contributing guidelines


  • This release will be the first on Zenodo.