Welcome to pydov’s documentation!

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A Python package to query and download data from Databank Ondergrond Vlaanderen (DOV).


The pydov package is a community effort and everyone is welcome to contribute. It is hosted on GitHub and development is coordinated by Databank Ondergrond Vlaanderen (DOV). DOV aggregates data about soil, subsoil and groundwater of Flanders and makes them publicly available. Interactive and human-readable extraction and querying of the data is provided by a web application, whereas the focus of this package is to support machine-based extraction and conversion of the data. The package aims to support a set of complementary use cases, for example:

  • integrate DOV data in larger data processing pipelines

  • support the reproducibility and/or repeatability of research studies

  • integrate the data in third-party applications

The machine-based availability of the data can potentially serve a diverse community of researchers, consultants, modelers, and students. As efficient and proper functioning of DOV data processing is of interest to the variety of users, we believe that a community-based effort to develop and maintain these functionalities as an open source package provides the optimal development trajectory.

Please note that downloading DOV data with pydov is governed by the same disclaimer that applies to the other DOV services. Be sure to consult it when using DOV data with pydov.

Getting started

After Installation, check the Quick start instructions for a first introduction of the pydov functionalities. For a more in-depth overview of the capabilities, the Tutorials illustrate different capabilities of the pydov package for each of the object types.

Select datasets of your interest, and check the Query on attribute properties and Query on location pages to find the information you’re looking for. While the search objects are different, the workflow is the same for each dataset.

All functionalities are built on top of the existing webservices provided by DOV. For more details about these services and endpoints, check the Accessing DOV data page.


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