Source code for pydov.types.bodemsite

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Module containing the DOV data type for bodemsites, including
from pydov.types.fields import WfsField, XmlField

from .abstract import AbstractDovType

[docs] class Bodemsite(AbstractDovType): """Class representing the DOV data type for bodemsites.""" subtypes = [] fields = [ WfsField(name='pkey_bodemsite', source_field='Bodemsitefiche', datatype='string'), WfsField(name='naam', source_field='Naam', datatype='string'), WfsField(name='waarnemingsdatum', source_field='Datum', datatype='date'), WfsField(name='beschrijving', source_field='Beschrijving', datatype='string'), XmlField(name='invoerdatum', source_xpath='/bodemsite/invoerdatum', definition='Datum van invoer van de bodemsite.', datatype='date') ] pkey_fieldname = 'Bodemsitefiche' def __init__(self, pkey): """Initialisation. Parameters ---------- pkey : str Permanent key of the Bodemsite, being a URI of the form `<id>`. """ super().__init__('bodemsite', pkey)