Source code for pydov.types.ligging

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Module containing generic fields for the location (ligging) of objects."""

import numpy as np

from pydov.types.fields import _CustomXmlField

[docs] class MvMtawField(_CustomXmlField): """Field for retrieving the mv_mtaw value from the height of the point in relevant cases.""" def __init__(self, definition): """Initialise a MvMtawField (mv_mtaw) with given definition. Parameters ---------- definition : string Type-specific definition of the mv_mtaw field. """ super().__init__( name='mv_mtaw', definition=definition, datatype='float', notnull=False )
[docs] def calculate(self, cls, tree): # Support the old format too oorspronkelijk_maaiveld = cls._parse( func=tree.findtext, xpath='.//oorspronkelijk_maaiveld/waarde', namespace=None, returntype='float' ) if oorspronkelijk_maaiveld is not np.nan: return oorspronkelijk_maaiveld # Check if referentiepunt is Maaiveld referentiepunt = cls._parse( func=tree.findtext, xpath='.//ligging/metadata_hoogtebepaling/referentiepunt_type', namespace=None, returntype='string' ) if referentiepunt != 'Maaiveld': # If referentiepunt is not Maaiveld, we don't know the height of # maaiveld return np.nan # If referentiepunt is Maaiveld, height of the ligging is Maaiveld point = tree.findtext( './/ligging/{}Point/' '{}pos' ) coords = point.split(' ') if len(coords) == 3: hoogte = float(coords[-1]) return hoogte else: return np.nan